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Free data discovery for everyone with MicroStrategy Desktop


Capabilities that empower people and elevate organizations.

From enterprise reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time telemetry, only MicroStrategy gives organizations the full breadth of capabilities they need to transform their data into real-world intelligence.

capabilities data-discoveryData Dicsovery

Easily access, explore, and analyze data in just a few clicks with self-service analytics from MicroStrategy. Experience the speed and flexibility of data discovery without sacrificing the scalability and security of an enterprise analytics environment.

Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced Analytics

Maximize the impact of your business applications with powerful, advanced, and predictive analytics. MicroStrategy provides an extensive library of native analytical functions and scoring algorithms, along with an SDK to integrate with 3rd-party and open source statistical and data mining products.



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Build, develop, and deploy applications.

MicroStrategy provides the tools developers and administrators need to simplify and accelerate processes at every level of an analytics deployment—from creating the object-oriented infrastructure, to building world class BI applications, to monitoring and managing the full life cycle of a project.

Connect to big data without limitations.

Big Data

Many organizations choose Hadoop to store and process big data. With MicroStrategy, users can leverage information such as click stream, web and call center logs, and ID scans without limitation. Whether it’s a simple spreadsheet or a dispersed Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), users can easily connect to their data without relying on IT.





You can read more about this great free tool by visiting the publishers website

Put critical information in the hands of every decision maker.

MicroStrategy provides an extensive set of powerful tools for report creation, customization, and distribution that make it easy for organizations to give employees access to critical information. Deliver personalized information as operational reports, ad hoc reports, branded invoices, statements, and more.


Deliver answers at a glance.


Need an up-to-date view of your business? Get it all in one place with an intuitive, information-rich dashboard that delivers answers at a glance. With MicroStrategy, combine multiple visualizations and grids using easy–to–use templates and create custom layouts to suit any user. Build business and operational dashboards that drive a better understanding of your organisation.



The power to share actionable insights with the entire enterprise.

With MicroStrategy it’s easy to schedule and automate the delivery of personalized documents, reports, and dashboards to thousands of users across the enterprise. Ensure that every decision-maker has access to information they need, when and where they need it.


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A mobile platform that has it all.


With best-in-class native mobile apps, sophisticated analytics can go wherever you do. Make better decisions on the fly. Touch-optimized reports and dashboards put critical information at your fingertips no matter your location. And mobile BI is just the start. With MicroStrategy, you can use the same platform to build custom mobile productivity apps that incorporate powerful analytics tailored to any business need.

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Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials

Quickly deploy digital credentials.

MicroStrategy makes it easy for organizations to deploy digital credentials to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. These credentials seamlessly sync with existing physical access control systems (PACS), logical systems, and user directories to streamline enterprise access and authentication as well as improve user productivity.

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Real-Time Telemetry

User Interactions

Generate critical identity intelligence information.

Usher enables organizations to get real-time data on enterprise access and authentication. Data is generated every time a user accesses an enterprise resource with their Usher badge. This telemetry data is a rich and underutilized source of information that is the key to unlocking a smarter, more productive workforce.

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You can read more about this great free tool by visiting the publishers website

Embedded BI

MicroStrategy Dashboard embedded into in a Salesforce application

Deliver custom applications with embedded analytics.

Extend analytics into your branded applications to build new products or services and generate a new revenue stream. You know your business. Let MicroStrategy provide the analytics needed to gain valuable insight and make better business decisions.

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