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Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure HDInsight

Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure HDInsight

Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure HDInsight

As the prominence of the cloud-based model for businesses increases, businesses gain access to new solutions that facilitate big data analysis through cloud computing. Cloud services allow for a variety of cost-effective, easily manageable solutions that can tackle the increase of voluminous data sets. One of the solutions worth considering is provided by Microsoft Azure HDInsight.

Azure HDinsight is a cloud service that facilitates the processing of voluminous amount of data. It uses popular open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, HBase, or Kafka. It is based on Apache Hadoop, which is an open-source software that enables distributed storage and processing of large data sets across computing clusters. Azure HDinsight deploys and provisions clusters in the cloud, as well as provides all the necessary tools and software to manage and analyze Big Data.

What are the benefits of using Azure HDinsight?


Just like most cloud services which provide cost-effective tools for data storage, HDinsight allows businesses to save their budget in comparison to spendings related to the implementation of on-premises solutions. Azure HDinsight allows its users to create clusters for Hadoop, Kafka, HBase, Spark and a variety of other frameworks. These clusters can be created on-demand, which means the users only need to pay for what they actually use. “HDInsight has a 63% lower average total cost of ownership (TCO) on a per-terabyte basis” than on-premises Hadoop deployments.


Safety is crucial for the profitability and success of your business.  As Azure HDInsight uses encryption, its users can be sure their work is in safe hands. Security controls allow for identifying threats and responding to them with an appropriate strategy. Additionally, there is a “Secure transfer required” option which enhances the security of your storage account by only allowing requests to the account from secure connections. HDInsight also provides end-to-end Service-Level-Agreements for all production workloads. Additionally, thanks to clear privacy options, and transparent, responsible data management and processing, users of Microsoft Azure HDInsight can remain certain that their data isn’t sold to or accessed by a third person.


Developers will appreciate the possibility to build Big Data applications with the use of a wide choice of programming languages, notebooks and queries. With such a variety of tools to choose from, they can decide to operate in the development environment that would fit their project best. Java and Python are default languages for HDInsight clusters but programmers can easily install other languages through script development.

Microsoft Azure HDInsight can be also used with Excel to analyze unstructured data. By creating a dynamic connection between Excel workbook and HDInsight data source you can easily update data and simply refresh the connection.

Another example of a tool used with HDInsight is Apache Mahout – a machine learning library which allows for data mining that facilitates extracting specific types of information, for example users behaviour, which is a valuable benefit for business marketing.


What is also important, Microsoft Azure operates in more regions than any other cloud provider: East US, West US, North Central US, South Central US, North Europe, West Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. This will make it easier for businesses to choose data centers most suitable to them and their target customers.

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